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some requests from the stream. Things took a disney turn.


the hardest shipper of us all


emergency cuddles!!!

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yes but consider ur fav ship

  • making rly bad jokes rly at night and full on snort laughing w/ each other
  • 1 of them cooking dinner but its shit and the other totally taking the piss
  • finding the song that’s /their song/ but its a rly bad song…

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You would be surprised with how many people in your life could be going through depression at this very moment.  People hide it like a paper bag over their heads out of fear of being judged, made fun of, seen as weak, or just not taken seriously.  Depression should not be taken lightly, it holds us down from our purpose and potential in life.  Those who tell you that it doesn’t exist have never experienced depression in their life, therefore not understanding the symptoms and how it’s something that cannot be fixed in a day!  So if you think you are depressed or if you think you know someone else who is, please talk to a friend, a family member, or anyone else in your life that you trust - never overlook the possibility of seeing a doctor for more professional help!!  Your feelings are real, your feelings are shared upon millions.  Don’t hide it, talk to someone about it.  With the right help, you can rediscover your confidence and begin life anew with our undying love and support!

We are right here!!

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  • Marina: Writes songs about over-sexualisation of women in the media
  • Marina: Writes songs about personal struggles with obsessive compulsive behaviour
  • Marina: Writes songs materialism
  • Marina: Writes songs about how fear of failure, and how that fear can destroy you
  • Marina: Writes songs about the pressure of fame and the media, and the toll that can take on a person
  • Marina: Writes songs about adolescent struggles, and, unlike some, doesn't dismiss the feelings of teenagers to be less valid
  • Marina: Writes songs about the corruption of Hollywood
  • Marina: Writes songs about the negative side of love
  • Marina: Writes one song about being a primadonna, which is based on a fictional character that is a complete antithesis to everything she believes in.
  • Marina: Writes one song about being a heartbreaker, which again, was based on the same fictional character. This song was accompanied by a video which completely reversed traditional 'gender roles' in the majority of music videos today, which also, whether incidentally or not, highlighted how furious people will become over the sexualisation of men, while turning a complete blind eye to the sexualisation of women.
  • People: Marina's songs are so shallow! All she sings about is being a primadonna and a heartbreaker and ugh she has no lyrical depth why do people even like her

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diner poetry with michael

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